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Cha Cha Chino

by Kristen Ockenfels

It’s official - I’m having a fashion love affair with chinos. After a long and brutal winter of wearing nothing but denim and the thickest leggings possible, I have finally set that pile of bottoms aside and have been wearing (and buying) my other favorite tried and true - the chino.

Since the mid 19th century chinos have literally no doubt stood the test of time. Although stone and khaki-hued chinos are undoubtedly a sartorial staple, with brands such as G-1, J Brand and Vince you can now find a multitude of colors and styles. The cuts vary from skinny to relaxed, and even harem (hello MC Hammer). Chinos are worn by just about anyone - toddlers, men, women, teenagers, even your grandparents. Their versatility allows you to wear them with just about any shoe - flats, wedges, sneakers, even pumps. Dress them up or down, wear them for day or night, and enjoy their airy feel - it’s springtime (or chinotime), baby!

{G1: Iconic Chino in Khaki, Pencil Pants in Poppy & Navy}

{J BRAND: Inez in Sargent & White}

{VINCE: Boyfriend Trouser in Rain, Coastal, & White}

Get your chino on and we’ll see you soon!