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Cha Cha Chino

by Kristen Ockenfels

It’s official - I’m having a fashion love affair with chinos. After a long and brutal winter of wearing nothing but denim and the thickest leggings possible, I have finally set that pile of bottoms aside and have been wearing (and buying) my other favorite tried and true - the chino.

Since the mid 19th century chinos have literally no doubt stood the test of time. Although stone and khaki-hued chinos are undoubtedly a sartorial staple, with brands such as G-1, J Brand and Vince you can now find a multitude of colors and styles. The cuts vary from skinny to relaxed, and even harem (hello MC Hammer). Chinos are worn by just about anyone - toddlers, men, women, teenagers, even your grandparents. Their versatility allows you to wear them with just about any shoe - flats, wedges, sneakers, even pumps. Dress them up or down, wear them for day or night, and enjoy their airy feel - it’s springtime (or chinotime), baby!

{G1: Iconic Chino in Khaki, Pencil Pants in Poppy & Navy}

{J BRAND: Inez in Sargent & White}

{VINCE: Boyfriend Trouser in Rain, Coastal, & White}

Get your chino on and we’ll see you soon!


Orange you glad…

by Kristen Ockenfels

With the highly anticipated spring season just around the corner, we can almost sense the warm breeze in the air and the high levels of energy coming through our doors.

One of the season’s finest colors, orange, has been bursting through our stores at a steady pace and I couldn’t be happier to embrace this bold and fearless color. Whether it be an accessory, top, dress, or patterned shorts with pops of orange, nothing reads spring and summer better than this crushing color.

Apparently orange is the new black - orange you glad?

{Trina Turk Artesia Sweater & Delano Shorts}

{Toss Grab & Boat Bags}

{Trina Turk Sculptor 2 Dress}

{Tracy Negoshian Brynly Dress}

Now’s the time to enhance your daily wardrobe with a hint of orange - it’s an effortless way to give your look a bold edge and brighten your mood. Shop now and we guarantee you’ll be ready for the seasons ahead.

See you soon!